Rapid-deploy factories
Made in the USA - Creating solutions for the most complex energy transition problems the world has ever faced, American Battery Factory will be the first network that includes:

  • U.S.-owned vertical manufacturing, supply chain and R&D for LFP battery cells in the United States.

  • A rapid construction and turnkey “Factory-in-a-Box” manufacturing template to quickly build the nation’s first large-scale network of LFP cell manufacturing plants.

  • Factories constructed using versatile, LEED®-certified, tensioned fabric membrane that will only take weeks to construct at a 33-50% lower cost than traditional construction.

  • Expandable structures allow factories to scale from 3GWh to 15GWh annually.

First large-scale network of LFP cell manufacturing plants.


Percent lower cost than traditional construction.


Due to expandable structures, factories can scale from 3GWh to 15 GWh annually.

Streamlined supply chain
We are developing a U.S.-centric LFP battery supply chain to reduce dependence on global sources.
Current state of affairs
Fuel U.S. economic competitiveness: China/Asia currently manufactures 77% of the global Lithium cell production capacity.
Future state of affairs
  • Create a new U.S. supply chain ecosystem and establish a path to fully transition the raw material supply chain from Asia to the U.S. during the next few years.
  • Fully automated, fast-assembly factories will use robotic and AI technologies that do not rely upon cheap labor to drive down costs.
  • Technology enhancements unique to our LFP battery cells, such as increased operating temperature ranges and double lifecycle give ABF a competitive edge.
Aligned with U.S. interests
U.S. national security mandates: President Biden updated executive order 13953 in February 2021 to address the need for supply chain diversity of critical minerals used in lithium battery manufacturing with the aim of reducing U.S. reliance on foreign sources.

Both the U.S. government and the military are mandating the manufacturing of “Made-in-the-USA” batteries for use in critical infrastructure.
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